About Our Institute

The birth of man is not in his own hands, but living his life is in his own hands. If a person wishes, then he can make his life like a beautiful garden. The story of Dr. B.R Ambedkar Skill Education Board is similar. When this organization was established, it was a very simple and small institution, but due to the efforts, and dedication of the organization, this institution has become like a beautiful garden today, in which the pupils do not only go by learning but also they take this institution in their mind and pursue the education in their practical, personal and social life, with complete determination and dedication. By this they get their goals. The institution is proud that the organization has succeeded in enlightening the names of the learners, the parents, and in the society due to the unique learning style.

Our Vision

Goals and vision are important in all spheres of human life, and if the matter of institutions is concerned then the importance of the aims and their achievement goes even further, because the institutions are not personal, this is the result of the interest and guidance of the people. Dr. B.R Ambedkar Skill Education Board is very cautious of its capability to achieve its goal, and with full consideration, examines everything, so that every pupil can have a complete knowledge of his goals, and he too will be very happy and would be able to act with passion and consciousness.

Our Mission

To get training in every occupation and area of the world, the knowledge and practice of modern information technology are very important, because today's era is the era of digital technology.

The Aim of our Institution

Gurbani says that without knowledge, the darkness of the human being can not be far away, and the knowledge has to be taken from a guru. Different types of institutions have been set up to provide knowledge in today's modern era, which aims to provide all types of knowledge to the learners, which is also a great social service. Dr. B.R Ambedkar Skill Education Board also has the same goal as the duty of its part in creating technology and an ideal society . If the organization needs any kind of effort to succeed in this great work, the organization will not go back, it is also our belief and commitment.