Department of Beautician

Beauty business includes specialized areas of work such as hair and skin treatments, make up of TV/Film performers, hair cutting and styling, cosmetology etc

Sr. No. Course Name Duration
1Diploma in Hair Artist & Nail Arts6 Months
2PG Diploma in Skin & Hair Therapy1 Year
3Certificate in Nail Technician4 Months
4Professional Diploma in Beautician 1 Year
5Diploma in Beauty Therapy & Hair Dressing2 Years
6Diploma in Beauty & Wellness6 Months
7Certificate in Hair Dressing4 Months
8Diploma in Beauty Culture6 Months
9Certificate in Beauty Culture4 Months
10Certificate in Beauty Culture & Hair Dressing6 Months
11Diploma in Beautician & Hair Dressing6 Months
12Certificate in Nail Arts & Beauty4 Months
13Diploma in Hair Dressing6 Months
14Diploma in Beautician1 Year
15Certificate in Skin & Hair Dressing4 Months
16Diploma in Beauty & Hair Dressing6 Months
17Certificate in Beauty & Hair Dressing4 Months
18Diploma in Nail Technician & Hair Dressing6 Months
19Certificate in Beautician4 Months
20Diploma in Beautician & Hair Dressing1 Year
21Certificate in Beauty & Wellness4 Months
22Diploma in Hair Dressing1 Year
23Diploma in Beautician6 Months
24Certificate in Hair Dressing4 Months
25Advanced Diploma in Aesthetics & Hair Designing1 Year
26Certificate in Makeup Artist4 Months
27Diploma in Male Barbering6 Months