Department of Polytechnic

A polytechnic education gives you hands-on experience within a dynamic and progressive learning environment.

Sr. No. Course Name Duration
1Master Diploma in Electronics & Communication Skills2 Years
2Diploma in Refrigeration & Air Conditioning2 Years
3Diploma in Computer Engineering3 Years
4Advance Diploma in Automobile Engineering2 Years
5Advance Diploma in Mechanical Engineering2 Years
6Diploma in Computer Science2 Years
7Diploma in Mechanical Engineering3 Years
8Diploma in Mechanic2 Years
9Diploma in Electronics & Communication Skills3 Years
10Diploma in Automobile Engineering3 Years
11Diploma in Electrical Engineering3 Years
12Diploma in Radio & TV Mechanic1 Year
13Advance Diploma in Security System1 Year
14Diploma in Diesel Mechanic2 Years
15Diploma in Mechanical Engineering [Lateral Entry]2 Years
16Diploma in Civil Engineering 3 Years
17Diploma in Electrical Engineering [Lateral Entry]2 Years
18Diploma in Construction & Building1 Year
19Diploma in Construction & Building2 Years