Department of Accounting

Accounting or accountancy is the measurement, processing, and communication of financial information about economic entities such as businesses and corporations

Sr. No. Course Name Duration
1PG Diploma in Computer Accounting 1 Year
2Master Diploma in Computer Accounting1 Year
3Advance Diploma in Computer Accounting1 Year
4Advance Diploma in SAP4 Months
5Advance Diploma in Tally ERP-91 Year
6Diploma in Computerized Accounting - Tally ERP 91 Year
7Advance Diploma in Financial Accounting & Taxtion1 Year
8Diploma in Computerized Accounting6 Months
9Diploma in Account & Tally ERP-96 Months
10Certificate in Computer Basic & Tally 1 Year
11Diploma in Account GST in Tally ERP- 96 Months
12Certificate in Computer Accounting4 Months
13Diploma in Computer Accounting6 Months
14Certificate in Financial Accounting4 Months
15Certificate in Account & Tally ERP-9 4 Months
16Certificate in Tally ERP-94 Months
17Advance Diploma in Financial Accounting2 Years
18Diploma in Tally1 Year
19Diploma in Computer Accounting & Tally ERP-92 Years
20Diploma in Computer Accounting1 Year
21Diploma in Computer Accounting6 Months